Join ANW at Anthem Days this month

Date Modified: Thu, 03/09/2017 - 8:28am

Anthem Days are here again - time to enjoy the park and visit with local businesses and organizations, including Anthem Neighborhood Watch (ANW), which will host a booth with a “Spin the Wheel” and great giveaways. ANW members and local law enforcement will answer questions, provide home safety tips and show active neighborhood watch programs. Sign-up sheets will be available for those interested in learning more, attending an information session, becoming a captain or getting involved.

Theft and burglary continue to be the most frequent crimes of opportunity committed in Anthem. Fortunately, many are prevented because local law enforcement and knowledgeable neighbors saw something and said something before the crimes could be committed. Continue to help prevent such crimes, protect your home and reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

Theft in more ways than one

Less “visible” crimes can be more destructive than physical theft. Recently, the Black Canyon Community Alliance identified current crimes of opportunity, including calls from an alleged technical support person, an IRS agent, a sweepstakes issuer, or someone claiming to be your relative (with stolen identity) and in need of money. There is also a phone scam on high alert, where the caller asks, “Can you hear me?” Do not respond; hang up. If you respond “yes,” the caller has your recorded voice to agree to purchases.

Personal Identification Program (PIP)

Information on the PIP is now available through ANW. The program is used to provide individuals (especially children and elderly) with ID cards, video and photos. More information about PIP and signing up for an identification kit will be available at the ANW booth during Anthem Days.

Get to know those in your community; neighbors helping neighbors is what ANW is all about!