Focus on owner responsibility

Date Modified: Thu, 03/09/2017 - 8:32am

Lot and Exterior Home Maintenance

As you start spring cleaning, don’t forget the exterior of your house. Now is the time to assess your yard and to work on early spring maintenance.

  • Control weeds while they are young and tender, and have manageable roots. 
  • Ensure landscape granite is evenly spread and there is a two-inch layer throughout the front yard.
  • Trim your trees now to prepare for monsoon season. Remember trees must be trimmed eight feet above streets and sidewalks. Landscapers recommend thinning trees so that wind might easily pass through the branches.
  • Check your house’s paint for fading, cracking or a blotchy appearance (signs that it’s time to paint).

Apply to Comply

Remember that any exterior change to a home or Lot requires approval from the ACCCA Lifestyle Enhancement Committee. The Exterior Change Application is posted on the Resident Information and the Documents and Forms sections of the website. There are two exceptions:

  • Section 4.1 of the CC&Rs states: “No approval shall be required to repaint the exterior of a structure in accordance with the originally approved color scheme” (defined in the RDGs as color and placement).
  • The RDGs note approval is not required when replacing eight or fewer plants (excluding trees).

Gate Access

Transponders are assigned to specific vehicles and may not be transferred. Notify the staff if your transponder does not work, or you have changed vehicles and need a new transponder. Be sure to update your personal contact information on so that the ACCCA staff or gate personnel can reach you in case of a home emergency. Guests approved to enter are the responsibility of the homeowner. Update your account to remove those who no longer have your permission to enter the community.