Focus on homeowner responsibility

Date Modified: Wed, 07/12/2017 - 10:26am

Wide shot of a lightning storm over Arizona.The monsoon storms peak between mid-July and mid-August. These destructive storms can damage trees in several ways, including breaking limbs, cracking branches and even uprooting trees. Minimize or avoid damage by properly pruning now.

Whether a full-time or a part-time resident, you have the responsibility to make certain that your yard is maintained and in compliance at all times. If you are leaving Anthem for an extended period of time, please make arrangements to have your yard maintained on a regular schedule.

Renting your property

Owners of rental property in the Country Club community, remember these responsibilities:

  • The CC&Rs require a minimum 30-day lease for any rental property.
  • Vacation property rentals under 30 days are prohibited.
  • Owners of rental property will receive violations for actions taken by renters.
  • Homeowners renting property should inform their renters of the policies of the ACCCA; a Welcome Packet for renters is on the ACCCA Resident Information tab of the website or at the Civic Building.
  • Complete information regarding your responsibilities when renting your property is on the ACCCA Resident Information tab of the website.