New website will go live soon

Date Modified: Fri, 07/07/2017 - 11:46am

The word website in a construction zoneAfter much research, determining residents’ frequently asked questions and issues, and working closely with the community’s three homeowners’ associations, a new website for the ACC and HOAs will offer a more educational experience to Anthem’s residents, guests and visitors.

Streamlined and user-friendly were the themes for the approach to the new website, which is housed at the same URL (no new website name to learn!). More than 1,300 documents and nearly 1,000 pages have been whittled down to what is most important for our residents to understand and access.

Features such as mobile-friendliness, fewer documents, agenda and document centers, better search features, more detailed descriptions of a master planned community, the ACC’s relationship to the three HOAs and other changes make the site much more intuitive to navigate. It’s also more graphically appealing, featuring breathtaking photos that showcase life in Anthem.

The website will officially roll out in August (barring major complications; subject to change). Watch for announcements on social media with the go-live date!