Homeowners' Associations

Anthem has three homeowners’ associations (HOAs) that maintain the standards of the community, help to increase the value of every resident’s home and property, and holds residents accountable to do the same.

What is an HOA?

An HOA is a private association formed by a real estate developer (Pulte/Del Webb) for the purpose of managing homes and lots in a residential community. It grants voting rights to the governing the association; the developer then exits financial and legal responsibility. This transfer in Anthem, from Del Webb to the HOAs, took place in 2008. Each HOA has a volunteer, elected Board of Directors, made of up homeowners from their association.


What’s the difference between the HOA and the ACC?

The three homeowners’ associations oversee the residential (home) properties in Anthem, while the ACC is the umbrella organization that protects and enhances the plans, policies, infrastructure and resources needed to support a sense of community, ensure sound economic development, and promote quality of life for all Anthem residents. The ACC also has oversight of the commercial (non-residential) properties and sets/collects assessments on behalf of the HOAs.

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HOA and ACC office hours at Civic Building:

M-F: 8-5 p.m.; closed weekends