The Anthem Community Council (ACC) endeavors to be strong stewards of the community’s funds and believes in openness and transparency in providing owners access to financial reports, budgets, and other organizational financial information.

This section provides ACC's current Operating Budget, Operating Budget history, and documents pertaining to ACC's annual audits and monthly financial reports.


About ACC Finance Department

The ACC Finance Department is responsible for carrying out the mission of the Board to be a model community in terms of financial stability and management. This Department:

  • conducts financial analysis on ACC projects
  • coordinates the budget process
  • manages the organization's reserve, enhancement, and operating funds
  • provides monthly financial reports
  • assists homeowners with billing and payment issues
  • manages Anthem Way finances
  • coordinates the audit
  • oversees accounts payable
  • manages vendor accounts
  • supervises the organization's general financial issues

This department also works with third party entities (banks, investment advisors, managing agency, etc.) to conduct billing, collections, investments, and other transactions.

The ACC also has a Fiscal & Resource Management Committee (FaRM) that works with staff to make policy recommendations to the ACC Board on financial issues and relevant internal and external controls that provide financial benefit to the greater good of the Anthem community. The Fiscal and Resource Management Committee membership consists of residents who have experience and expertise in management, accounting, finance, investments, and/or insurance.

Currently, the Department is focusing on:

  • in-sourcing collections and general accounting functions to promote cost savings and efficiency for Anthem property owners
  • implementing software solutions for enhanced financial management and reporting capabilities
  • continuing to develop enhanced cost controls and efficiencies in operating and administrative areas, while maintaining high customer service
  • conducting financial analysis in support of major projects for the ACC such as the master plan


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