Financial Documents

The ACC is committed to providing Anthem community members with timely, accurate, comprehensive reports on the financial health of the community. This is done in many forms, including through the financial reports that are presented at the ACC Board’s monthly meetings. 

In addition, the ACC is required, per its bylaws, to prepare an annual report within 120 days after the close of the fiscal year that includes a balance sheet; an operating (income) statement; and a statement of cash flows for the fiscal year. Such a report is prepared on an audited, reviewed or compiled basis, as the Council Board determines, by an independent public accountant. This report takes the form of the annual audit which is posted here every year after Board acceptance.

Report Date Financial Report Profit & Loss Audit
June 2017 Financial Report
May 2017 Financial Report
April 2017 Financial Report
March 2017 Financial Report
February 2017 Financial Report
January 2017 Financial Report