Facility Reservations

The buildings and outdoor amenities owned and maintained by the Anthem Community Council, and funded by resident assessment dollars, are available for rentals/reservations. Whether for a birthday party, family reunion, meeting, training, wedding or baby shower, Bar Mitzvah, graduation party or many others, the community parks, Civic Building and Community Center have a multitude of options.

Community Park

The 63-acre park with green space, lakes, walking paths, waterfalls and more offers opportunities to reserve fields, courts, the amphitheater and the Anthem Veterans Memorial, for starters.

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Park Ramadas

Ramadas are available for reservations at Community Park and Opportunity Way Park. Reservations take priority, so it is always best to be safe and plan ahead so you aren’t caught having to move because you were bumped by someone who did!

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Civic Building

The Civic Building is a multi-purpose building intended to encourage and inspire social, cultural, civic and educational interaction. There are numerous room rental opportunities to fit every need.

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Community Center

The Community Center also offers space to host a variety of different events. Book a space for private birthday parties (complete with themed activities and food), private Rock Wall climbs, private pool parties, and other miscellaneous gatherings, meetings and celebrations.

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