AYAC Vandalism Poster Contest

Vandalism poster contest results are in!

The Anthem Youth Advisory Council (AYAC)  just wrapped up a vandalism awareness poster contest. The following posters were submitted by Anthem youth. First through third-place prizes will be presented at the April 26 ACC Board of Directors meeting at 6:30 p.m., at the Civic Building.

AYAC wanted to raise awareness of the impact vandalism/graffiti has on the community. The ACC spends thousands of dollars and countless man-hours to keep the community clean as a result of vandalism. This money, which comes directly from the families living in Anthem, could be used to improve the community, instead of repairing damages. 

Vandalism Contest Winners

First Place Winner Second Place Winner Third Place Winner
Laci Sass, 7th grade Ellie Faley, 7th grade Nikolas Gall, 9th grade


More Contest Entries

Alexa Spencer, 3rd grade Chloee Knaub, 4th grade Leah Spencer, 2nd grade
Chandler Bushman, 8th grade Emily Burger, 7th grade