Anthem Neighborhood Watch (ANW) is an affiliate committee of the Anthem Community Council (ACC) dedicated to preventing crime in our neighborhoods. ANW efforts are coordinated by an executive committee of nine members who collaborate with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Phoenix Police Department, North Valley Posse and Daisy Mountain Fire Department to provide information and training to volunteers and the community.

The motto “neighbors helping neighbors” is the underlying theme of ANW’s programs, which include providing information to help secure homes and property, volunteering at community events, updating residents, and implementing a block watch program to deter potential criminal activity. The goal of the block watch program is to have a block captain identified for every block in Anthem—a good neighbor who will help implement important safety and security tips one block at a time, one neighbor at a time.

Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods (G.A.I.N.)

Every year in October, Anthem residents celebrate ANW's Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods (G.A.I.N.) event. Formerly known as National Night Out, G.A.I.N. encourages residents to get together in their respective communities to promote safety, neighborhood communication and celebrate the successes of crime prevention through community involvement. Learn more. >>

If you would like additional information or to volunteer, contact or complete this form. >>

Teresa Pierson, Committee Chair

ANW Charter (Part 5, Section 2)
2016 Work Plan
2017 Work Plan