Anthem Community Council Board Strategic Priorities

At their July 27, 2016 open meeting, the Anthem Community Council Board of Directors approved six priorities to guide their work on behalf of the Anthem community for the 2016-17 Board year.

Structure of Governance. In order to ensure that Anthem is best structured to serve its residents, the ACC will review and modify its governing documents, policies and procedures and revise if needed to ensure that rules and policies are up-to-date and relevant.

Master Plan Update. With completion of the Anthem Civic Building and Opportunity Way Park, the next step is to revisit and update the Facilities Master Plan. This will be a comprehensive overview with significant opportunities for resident feedback and input. 

Evaluate Services and Programs. Continually evaluate and modify programs and services to ensure that they are provided in the most cost-effective and efficient manner; pursue creative financing and funding opportunities to keep operating costs and assessments stable.

Business Services. Devote resources to support, develop, and implement programs to support the local business economy and economic development and establish Anthem as a business-friendly community. Take steps to strengthen the ACC’s relationship with the business community to encourage a positive business climate. 

Strengthen Relationships with Community Partners in the Best Interest of Anthem. Foster and practice a spirit of cooperation and cohesiveness in our joint mission to serve the community and its residents. Maintain strong and effective relationships with community and regional partners. Facilitate those partnerships to advance the positions and strategies of the Board and community.

Public Safety. Focus on community safety by advocating for appropriate law enforcement coverage and public safety services, and maintaining a safe environment at all ACC facilities and amenities.  

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This Strategic Plan was developed by the Anthem Community Council (ACC) Board (Board) in July 2016 to identify and advance the top level, ongoing priorities of the Board on behalf of the Anthem community. It recognizes the following:

  • A robust north valley is beneficial to all of its inhabitants, and to this end Anthem wishes to support positive growth in this region and to represent the interests of the community collectively with specific agencies and organizations that provide services in this area.
  • The priorities and goals of the ACC are to develop and maintain strong and effective relationships with community and regional partners. The ACC will continue to facilitate those partnerships to advance the positions and strategies of the Board and community. The ACC Board and Staff will work with ACC Committees, homeowners associations, and other entities as appropriate to foster these relationships and advance the identified priorities.
  • Many of these priorities will take multiple years to address, and progress and achievement is evaluated on a regular basis.
  • Our primary efforts are to focus on our core services and ensure that those are being provided in the highest quality, most cost efficient manner, with new projects a secondary focus (if justified and necessary).

This is, of course, not a comprehensive list of all the projects that the Board has on their plate for 2016-17, but it does set the top initiatives. The Board goes through a strategic planning discussion every spring to establish the focus of their work on behalf of the community. 

If you would like to get involved on a Committee to help advance the work of the ACC, email Jenna Kohl at