ACCCA 2017 Board Elections

2017 Combined ACC and ACCCA Elections

The call for candidates for open positions on the Anthem Community Council (ACC), representing the Anthem Country Club community, and the Anthem Country Club Community Association (ACCCA) Board of Directors will begin in January. Voting for these seats will be combined into one process. Residents may vote electronically (e-vote) or by paper ballot.

Signature requirement. Recent AZ legislation requires all mailed ballots include the homeowner signature and property address. As our ballots are secret, the homeowner will be required to sign the ballot envelope and provide the property address. The ballots will be separated from the envelope by the Policy Committee, staff and representatives from the attorney's and CPA's offices on Verification Day. Envelopes received without a homeowner signature and property address will be counted toward the quorum, but the enclosed cast ballot will not be counted toward any candidate.

ACC Board of Directors. There is one open seat on the ACC Board for an Anthem Country Club community representative. This open seat will hold a three-year term.

ACCCA Board of Directors. There are two open seats on the ACCCA Board of Directors. All open seats for the ACCCA Board will hold two-year terms.

Additional Information. For more information about these open positions, the election process or the duties pertaining to the different Boards, contact or call 623-742-6030. The Election Information and Candidate Application will be mailed in January.

Qualifications and Responsibilities of ACC and ACCCA Board Members

Election Information and Candidate Declaration Form

Special Edition Newsletter - Election 2017

Election 2017 Timeline (dates subject to change)

Jan. 10: Official mailing for Call for Candidates.

Jan. 30: 5 p.m. Deadline to file candidacy using the Candidate Application Form.
ACCCA staff will take candidate photo upon filing the application form. Photos must be secured by Jan. 30, 5 p.m. deadline or they will not be included in published biographies. 

Jan. 31: Candidates are verified.

Feb. 10: Biographies and photos of candidates will be posted below.

Feb. 16: Meet the Candidates (for both ACCCA and ACC elections), Anthem Country Club at Ironwood Clubhouse, 6:30 p.m.

Feb. 22: Voting begins for electronic and paper ballots. 

March 17: Election closes at 5 p.m. for paper ballots and midnight for electronic voting.

March 20: Election is verified.

March 22: Announce winners of each election who will take their seats at next meeting of each organization.

April 6: ACCCA Administrative Session, 2 p.m. Newly-elected ACCCA Directors will take their seats. Board training to follow meeting.

April 26: ACC Board of Directors Meeting at Anthem Civic Building, 6:30 p.m. Newly-elected ACC Board Directors will take their seats.

April 27: ACCCA Directors will establish Committee liaison roles; Town Hall meeting during open session of meeting.

Election 2017 Candidate Profile for Anthem Community Council

Quorum Requirement

  • Number of homes in the Country Club community: 2,865
  • Number of Lots in the Country Club community: 2,866
  • Quorum Requirement for ACCCA and ACC elections: 10 percent
  • Participation required fulfilling quorum for the ACCCA and ACC elections (including mail-in ballots and e-voting): 287. One vote per household (one Owner) and one vote for the Owner of the undeveloped lot for ACCCA and ACC elections.

Open Seat: There is one open seat in the ACC election for an Anthem Country Club community representative. The candidate will be one of three who represent the Anthem Country Club community on the ACC. There are a total of seven seats on the ACC.

Roger WillisRoger Willis

Reason for Running:

I am currently the Vice President of the Anthem Community Council Board and have represented the Country Club for the past 3 years. If re-elected, I will continue to focus on the key issues I outlined in my 2014 campaign:  

  • Maintain the long-term financial health of Anthem
  • Enhance Anthem’s relationships with our North Valley neighbors
  • Emphasize Council’s strategic priorities, which include:
    • Safety
    • Master Plan projects
    • Improved programs and services
    • Economic Development
  • Protect Anthem’s interests and amenities
  • Work to conserve Daisy Mountain
  • Communicate openly with residents


  • Served 6+ years on community committees
    • Chair, Anthem Utilities Panel
    • Former Chair, ACCCA Communication Committee
    • Former Vice Chair, ACCCA Policy Committee
    • Previous Member, ACCCA Lifestyle Enhancement Committee
  • Recipient, ACCCA’s Certificate of Recognition for volunteer activities
  • Director, Desert Foothills Land Trust
  • President of Friends of Daisy Mountain Trails
  • Retired management and IT consultant

Election 2017 Candidate Profiles for ACCCA Board

Quorum Requirement

  • Number of Lots in the Country Club community: 2,866.
  • Number of homes in the Country Club community: 2,865
  • Quorum Requirement for ACCCA and ACC elections: 10 percent
  • Participation required fulfilling quorum for the ACCCA and ACC elections (including mail-in ballots and e-voting): 287. One vote per household (one Owner) and one vote for the Owner of the undeveloped lot for ACCCA and ACC elections.

Open Seats: There are two open seats in the ACCCA election. There are a total of five seats on the ACCCA Board of Directors.

Holly MatsonHolly Matson

Reason for Running:

During my time on ACC and ACCCA Boards, I remained focused on improving resident experience, communication, process improvement, strategic planning and thoughtful budgeting. I would like to continue to serve my community and look out for the best interests of our residents.  


  • ACCCA Board (President, 2016) and Anthem Community Council Board (President, 2013)
    • Proven ability to listen and act upon the concerns, views and values of residents
    • History of working together with residents, local government, law enforcement, nonprofits and businesses to further grow, protect and maintain our lifestyle
  • Committed to Anthem
    • Web for Hope Founder, ACTS Past Board of Directors, We Care Liaison, Anthem Drug Education Program Founding Partner, Wino Club Founder, ACC and ACCCA Committee Experience
    • Over 20 years of executive-level marketing, management and operations experience
  • Strategic, fiscally minded, well-networked, fact- and research-oriented, collaborative, open to new ideas, and maintain a high level of integrity


Joy LovellJoy Lovell

Reason for Running:

As your ACCCA representative, I bring business experience and service to the community, and I will encourage the engagement of residents through open communication, positive interactions and involvement. I want to enhance ACCCA transparency; listen and observe; continue to evaluate processes; promote fiscal conservation, preserve Reserve Funds; encourage economical, manageable and enforceable policies and guidelines.


  • ACCCA Board Member, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Anthem Country Club Resident, 12 years
  • Chair, TWC Registration, Interest Group
  • Member, Anthem Giving Circle; Fundraising and Schools committees
  • Graduate, University of Redlands
  • 30 years IBM career, broad base of experience managing complex issues for corporate clients
  • 15 years meeting with developers, San Jose City Council, Planning and Development