ACCCA Agendas & Minutes

The regular Anthem Country Club Community Association Board of Directors (Board) meetings are held quarterly on the fourth Thursday at 6:30 p.m. Special meetings, if necessary, will be posted at least 24 hours in advance both online and via signboard. Meetings are held at the Anthem Civic Building, located at 3701 W. Anthem Way, unless otherwise noted. Residents are invited to attend and participate.

Agendas are available for upcoming regular meetings three days prior to the meeting. Minutes for a past meeting are posted after Board approval at the next meeting, but a draft of minutes may be available as early as the week following the meeting.

Agendas and Minutes for Committee Meetings
Committees meet at least quarterly but generally once per month. For agendas and minutes of each committee and the committee roundtable meetings, please click here to view our Committees page.

To request archived agendas and minutes:

The quarterly meeting of the Board take place on the fourth Thursday of respective months: January 28, 2016; April 28, 2016; July28, 2016 and October 27, 2016. The Annual Meeting takes place on the first Thursday of April, April 7, 2016. All other Board monthly meetings are Administrative Sessions. The Board meetings are open to the public with the exception of Executive Sessions as noted on the agendas.

ACCCA Board of Directors Administrative and Quarterly Meetings

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Committee Reports Manager's Report
01/05/2017 Agenda Minutes
01/26/2017 Agenda Minutes Committee Reports Manager's Report
02/02/2017 Agenda Minutes
03/02/2017 Agenda Minutes
03/06/2017 Agenda Minutes
04/06/2017 Agenda Minutes
04/27/2017 Agenda Minutes Committee Reports Manager's Report
04/27/2017 Agenda Minutes
05/11/2017 Agenda Minutes
05/30/2017 Agenda Minutes
06/01/2017 Agenda Minutes
06/08/2017 Agenda

Communication Committee Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes
01/09/2017 Minutes
02/13/2017 Minutes
03/13/2017 Minutes
04/10/2017 Minutes
05/08/2017 Minutes

Finance Committee Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes
02/21/2017 Minutes
03/21/2017 Minutes
04/18/2017 Minutes
05/15/2017 Minutes

Gates, Property and Patrol Committee Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes
01/09/2017 Minutes
02/21/2017 Minutes
04/03/2017 Minutes
05/01/2017 Minutes
Meeting Date Minutes
02/01/2016 Minutes
03/07/2016 Minutes
05/02/2016 Minutes
06/06/2016 Minutes
07/11/2016 Minutes
09/12/2016 Minutes
10/03/2016 Minutes
11/07/2016 Minutes
12/07/2016 Minutes

Lifestyle Enhancement Committee Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes
01/19/2017 Minutes
02/16/2017 Minutes
03/16/2017 Minutes
04/20/2017 Minutes
05/18/2017 Minutes
Meeting Date Minutes
02/18/2016 Minutes
03/01/2016 Minutes
03/17/2016 Minutes
04/04/2016 Minutes
04/21/2016 Minutes
05/19/2016 Minutes
06/16/2016 Minutes
07/21/2016 Minutes
08/25/2016 Minutes
09/15/2016 Minutes
10/13/2016 Minutes
11/17/2016 Minutes
12/08/2016 Minutes

Policy Committee Minutes

Meeting Date Minutes
01/10/2017 Minutes
02/07/2017 Minutes
03/14/2017 Minutes
04/11/2017 Minutes
05/09/2017 Minutes
Meeting Date Minutes
01/12/2016 Minutes
02/09/2016 Minutes
02/23/2016 Minutes
03/08/2016 Minutes
04/12/2016 Minutes
05/17/2016 Minutes
06/14/2016 Minutes
07/12/2016 Minutes
08/09/2016 Minutes
09/20/2016 Minutes
10/11/2016 Minutes
11/08/2016 Minutes
12/13/2016 Minutes