2017 Anthem Elections

Elections provide residents an opportunity to represent the community on the Anthem Community Council Board of Directors, as well as the Boards of both Anthem Parkside Community Association and Anthem Country Club Community Association.

Directors elected to the ACC Board will serve three-year terms while those elected to the Country Club and Parkside HOA Boards will serve two years; Village Board members serve a one-year term.

Below is a guide that outlines each Board:

  • The Anthem Community Council Board of Directors sets the overall policy for the community and oversees community-owned property (Community Park, Liberty Bell Park, Opportunity Way Park, Anthem Veterans Memorial, Community Center, Anthem Civic Building, trail system and other common areas). The Board is also charged in the regulation and compliance of all of the commercial properties in Anthem. In 2017, there will be one (1) seat for a Country Club representative and one (1) seat for a Parkside representative on the ACC Board. Voting is conducted through the HOA election process.
  • The Country Club HOA (ACCCA) is responsible for all Country Club-owned property, and is charged in the regulation and compliance of Country Club homes. In 2017, there will be three (3) open seats on the ACCCA Board. 
  • The Parkside HOA (APCA) is responsible for all Parkside-owned property, such as the neighborhood "pocket" parks, and is charged in the regulation and compliance of Parkside homes. In 2017, there will be two (2) open seats on the APCA Board.
  • The Village HOA (VACCC) is responsible for 210 condominium units and is managed by Sentry Management. Five members will be elected to serve a one-year term each on their HOA Board. Homeowners receive information in the mail regarding the election process and timeline.